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Hydbond Brushed Stainless Acrylic Panel

Hydbond Brushed Stainless Acrylic Panel

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Our 12" x 24" Hydbond Acrylic sheets are ideal for laser engraving and cutting projects. This laser-safe sheet features a Hydbond adhesive backing, facilitating secure attachment to hats and other apparel items. With high resistance to wear and tear, it is perfect for producing quality laser engravings and cuts for a variety of uses. For optimal results, we recommend using this product with a Stahls Hotronix 360, as the bottom heat helps the acrylic patch bond without risking damage from melting or creasing.


Hydbond Laserable Acrylic Specifications


12" x 24" per panel


Approximately 3.18mm


These Laserable Acrylic Sheets come pre-applied with our industry leading Hydbond adhesive.




(Heat activated adhesive)

Note: Non-tacky until heated


With its lustrous and reflective surface, this product perfectly emulates the look of real metal while maintaining a smooth finish.


Non-toxic, No PVC, Acrylic based panels. Specifically designed for laser engraving.


What you perceive as the color is actually the surface layer of the substance. Directly beneath this layer lies a core made of solid acrylic.

When engraving, the color beneath will be revealed.


Copper will laser black

Stainless will laser black

Gold will laser black, ETC.

Dual Heated Hat Press Settings

To achieve optimal results, make sure the bottom platen is set to 320°F and the top platen is set to 280°F.

The pressure should be moderate.

Press for 45 seconds.

Note: (keeping the patch in place)

Press and hold the patch down on the bottom platen for 10-15 seconds with moderate to high pressure to secure it in place before heat pressing.

You can also use heat resistant tape to help keep the patch in place prior to pressing.

Download our instructions here!

Top Heated Only Hat Press Settings

If you are utilizing a hat press that is solely heated from the top, we strongly advise against using this product. It is crucial to allow sufficient time for the heat to transfer through the top heat pad and subsequently reach the patch itself. By using a hat press that is solely heated from the top, there is a significant risk of burning the patch, hat, and failing to establish a secure bond.

Laser Compatibility

Most lasers should be compatible with Acrylic as long as the wattage is 10W or higher.

This includes the following manufactures just to name a few. Epilog, Trotec, X-Tool, Thunder, OM-TECH, & Full spectrum

Acrylic Cleaning

Hydbond Acrylic can be cleaned with a product called LA AWESOME.

LA AWESOME, a non-toxic degreaser is the perfect choice for those seeking an effective solution for business or home use.

To ensure optimal results and preserve the quality of your engravings, begin by spraying a small quantity on a microfiber cloth and softly wiping the material surface to eliminate any char or residue caused by the burning of your laser. You can repeat this process until most, if not all char is removed.

Acrylic is very durable, making it suitable for almost any cleaner.

Note: During this process, it is essential to maintain a slight and uniform pressure.


Hand wash is always our first recommended method.

Wash with soap and water, avoid scrubbing on the patch to preserve engravings.

Machine wash

Hydbond Acrylic is secure enough for a machine wash!

Machine wash on cold

Air dry

Noah's Recommendations & Tips

Thanks for joining the HERD! This is Noah with Hydbond. Owner & Founder

Our Acrylic is an AWESOME option for business owners like yourself to stand out in this industry. By using our metal replicated Acrylic Panels, your hat patches are guaranteed to withstand any task you undertake. The look and feel of a hat with an acrylic patch is unlike any other on the market today!


In addition to hat patches, this versatile material can be used for a variety of other purposes. So don't keep your mind limited!


Ive been using LA AWESOME as a cleaner for quite some time and it works fantastic! These panels are extremely durable, so really you can use just about any cleaner you would like. Just no Alcohol/paint remover or anything that might want to remove the top coating😉

Beginner tips

Make sure to grab a heat resistant silicone or foam pad. You will use these a lot. Place it over your patch right before you press to avoid scorching & patch contamination.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. My team and I would love to assist!😊 Send us a chat in the box to the right of your screen for quick help.

  • Always speak with a human at Hydbond! Call us: 209-854-7736 or send us a message in the chat box to the bottom right of your screen!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Amazing stuff! Can't believe how many complements I get about the patch I made for my hat!


Great product

Nick Gilbertson
Great look but tough to work with

Easy to laser but the material gets marred easily when pressing so you have to play with it a bit to figure out.

When we say bond, we mean it.

Please consider a pair of pliers if you try to remove a patch. You may also want to make a new one..