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Welcome to Hydbond™️, your new adhesive for leather, embroidered, and PVC patches. Trust us, this stuff sticks.

Hydbond is currently on backorder!

Orders placed after 3/24 will be fulfilled in the next 2-3 weeks. Thank you for understanding!


Frequently asked questions

Is hydbond compatible with all hats?

So far we have tested most structured and unstructured caps. We have never had any issues with bonding leather patches. If you come across a hat that you are having trouble with, please contact us immediately so we can help resolve the issue.

What thickness of leather can I use?

We have tested up to 6 oz leather with no issues. Depending on thickness, you may have to increase or decrease the time pressed.

How fast will my hydbond ship?

We will do our best to get your hydbond mailed out as soon as possible. No longer than 5 business days.

Do I need a hat press?

Yes, you will need a hat press. All of our testing was done on a hotronix 360 hat press. Other hat presses will work, but bonding time may be different.

Can I press Hydbond on the back of my leather with a flat heat press?

Yes you can!

Any flat heat press should work, just cut out your leather panel, place the hydbond down on it and press at 300 degrees for around 8 seconds.

Will this work with a single platen hat press?

Of course! We have many customers that use a single platen hat press. We suggest using a lighter weight leather with this in order to allow the heat to transfer through the leather to activate the hydbond. Start out around 300 degrees for approximately 50 seconds.

Can Hydbond be used with Leatherette?

Yes, Hydbond works amazing with leatherette!

Can I use this for embroidered patches or PVC patches?

Hydbond will work great for any patch on any material.


Hydbond Apparel

If you’re anything like us, your time is very important.

We’ve spent countless hours researching and trying to find an adhesive that works with genuine leather. Never any luck. With this problem, we needed to find a solution. Fortunately, we’ve teamed up with an exclusive manufacturer to bring you an adhesive like no other. After many hours of costly testing, we’re proud to supply the world with Hydbond™️. A leather adhesive you can trust.